Goals Check-in

So I guess I need to be held accountable for the goals I've set for myself this year (see previous blog post). Now, I didn't list out all my goals in the blog but they consist of your typical “self-help motivational books”, “playing more live shows”, “writing more songs”, and in general just do better, be better, be more successful at all the things. 

So as a check-in, here's where I'm at:

  • Finished my first motivational book - “You're a bad@ss” by Jen Sincero (I considered focusing this entire blog post on just this book. It's seriously a kick in the pants along with a whole lot of believe in yourself, get out there and do it, allow yourself to receive the goods from the universe).
  • Got a group of musicians together and almost had a practice but sickness and other things got in the way. But that will be happening soon!
  • Have an opportunity to be part of a cover band (I know, not something I'd ever considered before) but if one of my goals is to get out and play more, this will help achieve that plus meet new musicians and others in the music community, give me more practice on the stage, and hopefully have a lot of fun!
  • Supporting local/live music more intentionally and consistently. How can I expect people to come out to my shows if I don't go out to shows myself? (And this makes it easier to get into the next bullet point)
  • I've been more aggressive / less shy about promoting myself to others that show an interest in music. I've got all these business cards and it turns out it's pretty easy to talk to strangers about something I'm passionate about and who knows, someone may actually like some of my material :)

I'm pretty sure there are more but I'm on a flight back from Hawaii and feel this is a pretty good start. And in the spirit of being held accountable I'll continue to update here on my blog occasionally to track my progress and see how things are going. 

Hope you are staying strong with your 2023 goals and, if not, it' s not too late to get back to it!

Rock on!

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