Support local music!

(Billy Kraus THE RocknRoll Piano Show at Napoleon's in the Paris Hotel, Vegas)


Don't just wait until the big national acts come to the nearest big city to play at the big arena - there are plenty of local venues that have good music to enjoy. Will it be as polished, rehearsed, exciting, with perfect vocals due to autotune and backing tracks, and have loads of pyrotechnics? Most likely not. Will it have big-time rock stars you've waited your whole life to see perform in front of you? Most of the time, no (but it will happen occasionally around here). But there ARE a lot of talented musicians and singers, mostly playing hit cover songs that most of us know from our younger years. You've got classic rock, 80's rock, country and probably just about any other genre you can think of. It's easy to be nit-picky and notice the singer doesn't sound like the original singer of the song, or maybe the band doesn't look much like you think a band should look, or maybe they aren't making the performance exciting enough for you. But you need to remember these people are doing the best they can, they make the time outside of their normal jobs to do something they love, and it would be the icing on the cake if anyone took the time to appreciate it even with all its imperfections. 

So I encourage you to go out more often, loosen up your expectations, leave your criticisms at home, sing along and just have some fun at your local bar, club, or music venue!

(Me talking with Billy during their break, swapping contact info.)








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