Most of you wouldn't know, but our youngest son almost didn't make it to his 3rd birthday. Today is the 16th anniversary of his "re-birthday" after he was rushed to the PICU (pediatric ICU) when he was almost 2 1/2 with ARDS. We are incredibly thankful for every day we have with this amazing young man, and I'm not taking a shortcut by just posting what my wife posted on FB but she can articulate better than I:

(Wendy) For those that know me well, I am not a crier. This post brings me to tears and this day, annually, causes me more pause and reflection than NYE. 16 years and counting- our lead researcher at the National Institutes of Health retired, which has slowed down progress and Liam currently has COVID and is battling to stay out of the hospital! What I am thankful for is our family and our love and appreciation for each other and for Liam overcoming obstacles for the past 16 years. A senior now, Liam has amassed multiple presidential scholarships, acceptance to amazing colleges and is a top student! We are so proud of his accomplishments and his future studies and look forward to a college decision soon! Much love to all of our family, friends, doctors, school, and community support! Don Edwards and I could not have survived that dreaded week in 2007 and all of the roller coaster that Liam’s health has brought!

Liam today:


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