And .... we're off!

So this is it - my first writing session!

No idea where this will go, if it will be any good, if it will end up in a song or not BUT the important thing is I have a topic to write about, I've put lead to paper, and have a couple of verses written. Looks like this time I'm writing lyrics first ... so I find the writing process isn't always the same for me - sometimes I have a guitar part I like and come up with a melody, then write some lyrics that flow with that melody. Other times I write lyrics first, then come up with a riff I think fits well. Then I'll maybe do a rough recording of just that part and see how I feel about it. Usually that ends up in me changing the lyrics to fit better or maybe changing the music up a little or sometimes I'm just not feeling it so it all gets scrapped.

I've found the most important thing for me is to just do something, keep trying, and not wait for the "perfect" part or "inspiration" to just hit me. It's work. And it's not easy. And not everything is good but that's OK! 

Here we go! Happy Friday!