Vision Boards

This is the first time I've fully embraced this concept - creating a board of goals that I can refer to throughout the year as a reminder and encouragement to do everything in my power to achieve them. The alternative is to simply "wish", "hope", and "dream" that things will just fall into place and I’ll magically get what I think I deserve without lifting a finger. I can tell you from experience this hasn't happened to me, regardless of opportunity or who I might happen to know or who might be involved in projects I'm working on. So this year I'm all in but it's not just one dimensional - yes, I have a lot of musical goals but also financial, travel, self improvement, relational, family, learning, and health. And, even though it’s just the start of the new year, I’ve already been inspired to take some of those first steps and I’m feeling very positive about where this will lead. I know I’m not in control of everything but as long as I stay focused, give everything I can (since my board says these are the things most important to me), then I can at least know I gave my best to achieving these goals in 2023. 

Cheers to a great new year!



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